How Can I Get Promotion on the Web for Free?
Everyone is looking for promotion for their website or opportunity. The question is always the same. How can that be achieved on a limited budget. It can be done. Here is how it works.

Our hit exchange works on a simple basic principle. By joining our membership, you agree to look at other members opportunities and websites, and in exchange, they will look at your website. It is cooperation, pure and simple. If you contribute more to our community, you will receive more back. We track your contribution by using credits. When you engage in activities that help other members, such as surfing their sites, you earn credits. When other members view your site, your credits are used up. It is that simple.

How Do I Earn Credits?
You can earn WebBiz credits in a variety of ways.
1. Surfing - When you use our surfing site to look at other members' sites, you earn credits. If you are a free member, you earn 1 credit for each site you view. To receive the credit, you must stay on the page for 15 seconds until the NEXT SITE text appears. Click on NEXT SITE to view the next page and receive more credits.
2. Show Your Referral Page - You build your downline by promoting your referral page to non-members. In addition to benefits you receive for having members in your downline, you earn credits just for showing your page. Every unique user who views your page will earn you one credit. They don't even have to sign up!
3. Signup New Members - Every new member who you refer to WebBizInsider earns you 100 bonus credits. This is received when they signup and confirm their membership by clicking on the link in their signup email. They don't even have to surf!
4. Downline Surfing - When members in your downline surf to add credits to their accounts, you also receive credits in your account. For every 10 pages they surf, you receive one credit. This applies to all your downline members six levels deep. Many of our members receive thousands of credits per month from their downlines.
5. Read Credits Mail - Our new credits mail feature allows members to assign credits to the mail they send to their downline. If you read a credits mail sent from your upline and click on the link in the mail, you receive the number of credits assigned for that mail.
6. Win Contests - We have two contest for referral activity that run constantly. We also have contest for surfing held at random days. Watch your email for annoucements for the surfing contests. Check out the Contest page in the members area to see how you can earn 1000 credits a week by promoting your referral site.
7. Premium Membership - For a very low monthly investment, you can receive hundreds of credits per month as a benefit of membership. Details are on the Premium Membership page in the Members area.

All of these ways to earn credits add up to many ways to earn credits and traffic to your site. Our site offers the most ways to promote your site in the easiest manner possible. Apply these techniques and Supercharge Your Success!.

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